The Company

Who is LENEL systems international?
Lenel Systems International, Inc., headquartered in Rochester, New York, is a leading worldwide provider of software and integrated systems for the corporate security market and government security markets. Founded in 1991, Lenel launched its OnGuard® security product line in 1995. Building upon the company’s previous experience in multimedia software development, Lenel swiftly moved to a leadership position in utilizing technology to most effectively protect an organization’s people, property and assets.

Information technology and networking are critically important to today’s corporate infrastructure. Lenel’s products are grounded in IT standards, and Lenel’s orientation as a software developer has enabled it to be embraced by the IT community. By utilizing the latest software industry practices and standards in the development of its applications, Lenel’s pioneering efforts have brought the power of leading-edge technology and the flexibility of open systems architecture to a historically proprietary security market.

The company’s vision is to build Total Security Knowledge Management Solutions™ by seamlessly integrating synergistic technologies in an open architecture environment. Lenel's products are designed to optimize productivity and returns on investments in security management for system users and value added resellers alike. The Lenel OnGuard integrated solution offers an all-encompassing security environment for multi-server enterprise system topology, central server systems, and mobile enterprise systems; supporting applications for access control, alarm monitoring, ID management, physical asset management, digital video surveillance, recording/archive management, smart card, biometrics and visitor management functions. Benefits to the customer include total security management with centralized administration, high performance and reliability and scalability as needs grow beyond the initial installation. Lenel has a well-established partnership with the world's leading system integrators.

Who is OnSSI? 

OnSSI (On-Net Surveillance Systems) ranks among the world’s top high-tech companies in the field of video surveillance with Ocularis, its award winning Video Management System (VMS). Our software is used successfully by many Fortune 500 corporations, cities, towns, municipalities, school districts, colleges, universities and federal and local governments, totaling tens of thousands of installations.

Our office is located in Pearl River, NY, conveniently accessible from all major highways.

OnSSI collaborates with leading  developers and is committed to an open-architecture, non proprietary solution that supports virtually any IP camera and/or encoder on the market. 

On-Net Surveillance Systems Inc. offers the industry’s most comprehensive IP video surveillance control and management solution.

On-NET Surveillance Systems.Inc. (OnSSI) offers a comprehensive IP video surveillance control and management software solution, and continues to develop the most advanced IP-based video surveillance  in the world around market.

Ocularis, OnSSI´s flagship IP video surveillance and security platform, combines a comprehensive video management systems with physical security information management..It enables handling an unlimited number of cameras at multiple locations, as well as alerts across  the organization , all through an extremely user-friendly video client interface.

We are constantly seeking talented, motivated individuals who are ready to take IP video surveillance and security to the next level. OnSSI offers premium compensation rates, along with outstanding benefits.

Who is  UTC Climate, Controls & Security?
UTC Climate, Controls and Security Systems is a climate, fire and security products and services provider and is a wholly owned subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation. UTC Fire & Security is a $5.5 billion company with 45,000 employees serving customers in 25 countries.

UTC Climate, Controls & Security offers a  broad portfolio of world-class fire safety and security brands that provide solutions for fire detection and suppression, intrusion detection, access control and video surveillance, with installation, inspection, monitoring and response solutions for customers worldwide in a variety of application and settings.

TISECOM is a global leader in the installation, maintenance  and support of electronic security systems. Market leaders in electronic security integrations.

We are LENEL platinum Partner in Europe. The first LENEL partner who works all around the world, mainly all  Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.
The company provides services on all stages of a project, from due diligence studies and recommendations, to post-project system maintenance and technical support.

TISECOM is a technology based company, focusing on advanced security systems for big and medium companies and organizations. Its focus is on client tailored solutions, providing high quality products, professional project management, and reliable technical support. We put emphasis on internal procedures on all areas, and clear client communications in all phases of the project.

TISECOM ´s mission is to be the “preferred provider of professional security solutions for you”. In order to “be preferred” we aim to achieve the customer satisfaction, we are focused in integrated security solutions. This means the integration between the various parts of a complete security system, creating a series of additional benefits of having integrated the various sub-systems.