Integrated security

The Proven Open Choice for Today and Tomorrow.

With over 20,000 installations in over 90 countries and a track record of performance and that clearly leads the industry, OnGuard is the PROVEN smarter security solution which gets us to the power of CHOICE – delivering the versatility that only hardware and software independence can offer. It’s ease of integration with more devices, flexibility for the future, and scalability that grows with your needs. You always have more options to integrate cutting-edge, third party products into your OnGuard system.

Just as your needs are always evolving, Lenel and OnGuard also advance continuously, building and supporting the most innovative and tightly integrated access/video software security solutions in the world, empowering our customers to better protect and manage their people, property and assets. OnGuard now provides intrusion based features including local I/O on area alarm state, burglary verified alarm support and work late input support. And with customers ranging from small businesses monitoring four doors to global enterprise installations spread across several continents.

As OnGuard and other Lenel products are introduced and evolve, best-of-breed technology from multiple manufacturers can be easily integrated into almost any system aspect, so customers’ capital investments are protected and exceptional long-term value is maintained. Lenel also engineers leading edge Custom Solutions, such as mobile monitoring, appliance-based thin client solutions, and many others.

Next Generation of Award-Winning Security Platform Offers Customers a Flexible Total Solution with an Unparalleled Feature Set.