Video management

We are the experts in network attached surveillance cameras and video systems.

Our video products include everything from the camera lens to the network switch and computer systems for recording the video. We provide technical advice and consulting that assures that you purchase exactly the right camera system you need. We provide Video Management Software (LENEL-ONVIF-ONSSI) that works with the most types of cameras.

Video Management Software allows you to view multiple cameras, record and retrieve video and monitor alarms. Sometimes this software is referred to as network video recording software or NVR software.

Software solutions are available that support simple home applications, small business and enterprise level applications.

In short we can offer Flexible and Dynamic Video Solutions.

Employing a number of flexible and dynamic video solutions, Lenel offers a full range of products to meet the needs of the marketplace. From stand alone offerings like goVision and SkyPoint that marry robustness with usability - to the fully integrated OnGuard Video Manager, a solution that can handle the rigors and sophistication of enterprise video – Lenel has the tailor-made solution to meet your installation’s needs.