OnSSI & Ocularis


On-NET Surveillance Systems.Inc. (OnSSI) offers a comprehensive IP video surveillance control and management software solution, and continues to develop the most advanced IP-based video surveillance  in the world around market.

Ocularis, OnSSI´s flagship IP video surveillance and security platform, combines a comprehensive video management systems with physical security information management..It enables handling an unlimited number of cameras at multiple locations, as well as alerts across  the organization , all through an extremely user-friendly video client interface.

OnSSI collaborates with leading  developers and is committed to an open-architecture, non proprietary solution that supports virtually any IP camera and/or encoder on the market. 

With core competencies rooted in both the IT and professional security markets, OnSSI´s IP solutions can be found in a wide range of sites or workplaces

OCULARIS is the Next Evolution in IP-Video and Security. At the forefront of IP-based video surveillance, OnSSI has introduced the network video recorder (NVR) and the video management system.

OCULARIS is a comprehensive video management system that combines powerful network video recorders (NVRs) with Physical security information management functionality.

OCULARIS represents  the latest evolution in IP-video surveillance and security. As an integrated video and event management platform, it includes  a full fledged video management systems for streaming , recording and managing an unlimited number of cameras at multiple sites.

OCULARIS  straightforward workflow provides a collaborative environment in which video and alerts from across the organization are converted into meaningful events, for efficient shared handling and building a video-evidence case file.

OCULARIS extends the reach of your video surveillance and security operation with more types of data and more intelligence and automation, realizing your true needs, present and future.

OCULARIS employs multiple tools for video intelligence and automation, all operated through a user-friendly, intuitive controller interface. The result is greater productivity in your security operation, which translates into significantly lower operating costs and improved ROI. SIMPLICITY, EFFICIENCY and PRODUCTIVITY