Enterprise solutions (innovation & high technology)

The importance of our electronic security systems is that they are based on the use of the latest technology applied to security and supported by suitable design, installation and interconnection, to provide maximum efficiency and early response to any event.

Due to being market leaders in providing integrated security solutions and thanks to LENEL open  software platform, TISECOM meets customers' needs regarding a single security platform. Third manufacturer security products can be integrated in our application, and LENEL  platform can also be included in third party building/facility management systems

In fact Lenel provides enterprise software, integrated and access control systems to manage multiple security systems, real-time intelligent video content analysis, biometric access, smart card applications, and visitor management systems for corporate and government security customers.
We believe the future of innovation and our ability to develop the best solutions … comes from bringing together people from diverse backgrounds – dozens, hundreds or even thousands of people working together and sharing their knowledge, experience and passion to solve complex problems. This level of global collaboration yields the greatest innovations.