Access control

TISECOM EUROPE are leading experts in Access Control Systems and provide solutions for the most diverse facilities, from simple, economic access control systems for small facilities to larger, more complex access control facilities on the worldwide  market.

We have  the  best products in access control  with  the head LENEL.

OnGuard Access is an advanced access control application that includes a feature-rich alarm monitoring module. IP-enabled controllers allow the application to extend easily to all parts of the enterprise with the appropriate degree of security at the door. OnGuard Access offers built-in support for all card technologies including MIFARE and iCLASS smart cards, as well as biometrics and wireless access control devices.

WE ARE YOUR BEST PARTNER for installation and serving of all overhead door products.
Besides HID Global's Edge™ Enhances Lenel's OnGuard Solution, this collaboration of industry leaders creates value for customers.
In terms of OPEN architecture, Lenel pioneered the “open” concept for security solutions. We initiated the Open Access Alliance Program in 1998 because we knew then, as we know now, that open systems deliver greater value. Today we continue to advance our capabilities to allow you achieve ultimate integration flexibility in every aspect – from video management to configuration from a single UI, operating systems to databases, hardware to IP networks and beyond. No one provides a truly unified experience like Lenel.

Advanced Enterprise Security Integration:

  • OnGuard Enterprise is the industry’s first multi-server, synchronized database solution designed for enterprises with multiple facilities spread across geographical areas.
  • OnGuard Enterprise allows corporate security and IT managers to maintain central control over the entire integrated security system, while allowing regional offices to maintain independence and autonomous operations of their respective individual regional security systems.